Time is limited in every meeting, but most specifically at the monthly Board of Directors (BOD) meetings. BOD meetings are run according to strict guidelines and follow a predetermined Agenda with limited time for each item on the agenda.

If you would like to speak about an issue at a Committee Meeting, but require no action, fill out a Speaker Card and give it to the Chair at the meeting. Speaker cards will also be available at the meeting.  Your name will be called during the Public Comment period (see the meeting agenda). 

If you want to be placed on a meeting's agenda (i.e. your issue requires action), contact the committee chair or email us at info@wlanc.com. Make sure you include your name, address and phone number and a 20 word description of the issue you want to address. If you represent an individual or a group, you need to provide their name, contact, address and phone number. Once you are on the agenda, you will need to briefly introduce your idea/concern during the meeting. Generally there will be a brief discussion, culminating in a vote to determine how your idea/concern should be handled. It might involve assigning it to an existing committee or create an Ad Hoc committee to research, analyze and make a recommendation to the Board.