Mike Bonin's Neighborhoods First Newsletter September


Asian Culture Festival in West LA
The West Los Angeles United Methodist Church in West LA hosted an Asian Culture Festival on September 21 to celebrate the thriving Asian culture on the Westside. Attendees at the festival enjoyed a celebration complete with delicious food and baked goods, live entertainment, a silent auction, a special Tai Chi presentation, and a lot more. Thank you to the West LA United Methodist Church for hosting this great event!

Streets in West LA got some important safety improvements this month, as a handful of infrastructure upgrades were made by a crew from the Bureau of Street Services!

A city crew completed work on sidewalk repairs at Stoner Avenue and National Boulevard, a new high-visibility crosswalk on Santa Monica Boulevard and Beloit Avenue, as well as street resurfacing on Colby Avenue (north and south of Santa Monica Boulevard), making the area safer for pedestrians to navigate. Thanks, BSS for these critical improvements to keep neighbors safe and provide more accessible walking routes in the neighborhood.


Feria de Tejate in West LA
Every year, thousands of people gather at Stoner Park in West LA for the annual Feria de Tejate. West LA boasts a large Oaxacan population, and the annual festival celebrates and showcases some of the elements of Oaxacan culture that help make West LA such a great place to live, work and enjoy.

Mike was glad to spend the day with neighbors enjoying Oaxacan culture, including food, music, and dance, and Mike is enormously grateful for the efforts of Natividad Santiago Grupo Folklorico Guish-Bac, and Gabriel Gomez who worked hard to organize this great event.

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