Outreaching in West LA at the Asian Cultural Fair at the UMC

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On Saturday September 21st, at the United Method Church, the Asian Cultural Festival took place and the WLASNC had a small table. Kent Kaisaki explains the new projects going up in West LA. There are quite a few and people do want to know!

Board Chair Jamie Keeton talks shop with visitors!

Thanks to Rev Janet Cromwell and Rev Gary Oba for allowing us to be there. Thanks to WLASNC Chair Jamie Keeton, Vice Chair Eric Nakamura and Outreach member Kent Kaisaki for tabling. Also thanks to new Field Rep for West LA - CD11 Ben LaZebnik, our Police Senior Lead James Lavenson, YMCA folks, Outreach members, Nancy and Matt Vescovo for coming through and the many locals who stopped by to say hello.


On Sunday, the Saint Buzons at the West LA Learning Garden at the Civic Center. The basil is growing strong. Visit when it’s open.

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