WLASNC General Board Meeting Wed September 25, 7pm Mahood Center

Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 7:00 PM
Felicia Mahood Multipurpose Senior Center
11338 Santa Monica Boulevard – Community Room – Los Angeles, CA 90025Please Use the Entrance on Corinth Avenue

Call to Order (1 minute)

  1. Community Partner Reports (10 minutes)

  2. General Public Comment (6 minutes)

  3. Approvals (5 minutes)

    1. Outstanding draft meeting minutes (Secretary)

    2. Outstanding MERs reports (Treasurer)

    3. Amend 2019-2020 budget to include rollover of $816.00

    4. Categorical changes to 2019-2020 budget including moving NPG budget into outreach and additional increase to

      Outreach by $816

    5. Motion to approve credit card holders and signers

    6. Motion to approve up to $5,000.00 for a joint emergency preparedness and public safety/health fair day

  4. Approval of new committee members/committee chairs for all committees (5 minutes)

  5. Discussion and Motion to Approve West LA community plan draft survey (20 minutes)

  6. Consideration and possible appointment of organizational seat (10 minutes)

  7. Motion to approve getting all documents up on the website prior to Board / Committee meetings – specifically

    getting development plans up on our website as soon as possible since they keep appearing on Curbed, etc before

    our stakeholders see them.

  8. Officer Reports (8 minutes)

  9. Homeless Committee Report

    1. Motion to approve Jay Handal as Chair, Mollie Rudnick as Vice Chair

    2. Motion to approve Sandra Trutt to the committee

    3. Motion to write a letter to City Attorney, City Council, Captain Goddard requesting strict enforcement of the

      homeless injunctions for our stakeholders including tent hours, amount of personal belongings, and asking that each

      basic car after roll call i the morning go to each of our districts hot spots and enforce.

    4. Motion to ask for a joint sheriff and LAPD meeting regarding enforcement of the state building at the civic center

    5. Motion to allocate up to 500.00 for design and printing of a homeless information pamphlet

    6. Motion to request the chair to formally request Council Member Bonin to come to our board meeting and explain

      why he will not authorize funding for a dedicated St. Josephs outreach team for our district.

  10. Outreach Report (5 minutes)

    1. Motion to require Board members to contact and coordinate with Outreach for use of Outreach made

      materials, i.e., pins, cups, t-shirts, etc.

    2. Motion to request that parks and rec do a monthly cleaning at the Civic Center

    3. Motion to approve Outreach Promotional Items

  1. Motion to approve September Outreach minutes

  2. Motion to add Kent Kaisaki and Matt Vescovo to the Outreach Committee

  1. PLUM report (25 minutes)

    1. Motion to approve PLUM resolution re: Letter to community organizations to solicit community benefits

    2. Motion to approve PLUM resolution re: Elevate Project at Santa Monica/Granville

    3. Motion to approve PLUM resolution re: 2465 S. Barrington Ave. apartments

    4. Motion to approve PLUM resolution re: 1721 S. Colby Ave. apartments

    5. Motion to approve PLUM resolution re: 2415 S. Barrington Avenue Apartments

  2. West LA Community Plan Update (5 minutes)

  3. Bylaws Committee Report (5 minutes)

    1. Motion to approve Bylaws resolution re: Ex Parte Communications

    2. Motion to approve Bylaws resolution re: Order of Motions on the Agenda

    3. Motion to approve Bylaws resolution re: Motion Submittal During Meeting

    4. Motion to approve Bylaws resolution re: Four Year Terms

    5. Motion to approve Bylaws resolution re: Nomination of Officers



  1. Discussion and possible motion re: requesting the City to expand protections under RSO

  2. Public Comment for Items Not on the Agenda (5 minutes)

  3. Board Comment and Announcements (5 minutes)

  4. Adjournment

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