WEST LOS ANGELES SAWTELLE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL Joint Planning and Land Use Management Committee and Board of Directors Meeting -- Agenda Wed., Apr. 10, 2019 -- 7:15 PM Felicia Mahood Senior Center

Joint Planning and Land Use Management Committee and Board of Directors Meeting -- Agenda Wed., Apr. 10, 2019 -- 7:15 PM

Felicia Mahood Senior Center (11338 Santa Monica Blvd. - Los Angeles, Calif. 90025)

NOTICE: Out of an abundance of caution, this committee meeting is noticed as a joint board meeting, and will be making recommendations for the Neighborhood Council board to take action at a later meeting.

THE AMERICAN WITH DISABILITIES ACT: As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and, upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services and activities. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices and other auxiliary aids and/or services, may be provided upon request. To ensure availability of services, please make your request at least 3 business days (72 hours) prior to the meeting you wish to attend by contacting Jay Ross, Board Member, at (310) 979-9255 or email JRoss@WLANC.com.

PUBLIC ACCESS OF RECORDS: In compliance with Government Code section 54957.5, non-exempt writings that are distributed to a majority or all of the board in advance of a meeting may be viewed at our website: www.WestLASawtelle.org,  or at the scheduled meeting.  If you want any record for an item on the agenda, contact Jay Ross, at (310) 979-9255 or email JRoss@WLANC.com .

PUBLIC INPUT AT N.C. MEETINGS: The public is requested to fill out a “Speaker Card” to address the Board on any agenda item before the Board takes an action on an item. Comments from the public on agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters not appearing on the agenda that are within the Board’s jurisdiction will be heard during the General Public Comment period.   Please note that under the Brown Act, the Board is prevented from acting on a matter that you bring to its attention during the General Public Comment period; however, the issue raised by a member of the public may become the subject of a future Board meeting. Public comment is limited to 2 minutes per speaker, unless adjusted by the presiding officer of the Board.

PUBLIC POSTING OF AGENDAS: Agenda are posted for public review as follows:

•  Website:  www.WestLASawtelle.org (see Committees tab).

•  Dropbox (see PLUM 2019 folder): https://tinyurl.com/WLASNC-PLUM-2019

•  Planning Dept. Early Notification System: https://www.lacity.org/subscriptions

RECONSIDERATION AND GRIEVANCE PROCESS: For information on the WLASNC’s process for board action reconsideration, stakeholder grievance policy, or any other procedural matters related to this Council, please consult the Bylaws. The Bylaws are available at our Board meetings and website www.WestLASawtelle.org  

RECORDING MEETINGS: Meetings may be sound or video recorded.

LOCATION: For questions, contact Zel Limenih (310) 479-4119 or Zel.Limenih@LACity.org .

SERVICIOS DE TRADUCCION: Si require servicios de traduccion, avisar al Concejo Vecinal 3 dias de trabajo (72) horas) antes del evento. Por favor contacte a Jay Ross a JRoss@WLANC.com  para avisar al Concejo Vecinal.

All items on the agenda are subject to discussion, possible action and filing of a Community Impact Statement to the Office of the City Clerk.

  1. Call to Order

    1. Committee is 7 members (quorum is 4): J.Ross, J.Handal, A.Ghorbani, G.Pindell, K.Wataghani, T.Sweeney, K.Schmidt.

    2. Solicit requests for reasonable accommodations.

  2. Review of Minutes from  Mar. meeting.

  3. Public Comment (stakeholders and government agencies) - Items not on the Agenda: 1 minute minimum per speaker.

  4. Government/Agency updates:

    1. Council District #11 (Planning Deputies - Len Nguyen, Krista Kline):

      • Leasing of affordable units: CD11 to meet with HCID on establishing a clearinghouse for new units under construction. CD5 motion to be considered by Council.

  1. Ex parte communications:

    1. Jay Ross:

      • 1851-1855 S. Barry Ave. small lot houses: Hayk Martirosian,  Techna Land Co., representative - PLUM scheduling.

      • 11801 Olympic Blvd. office building: Dana Sayles, 360, representative - PLUM scheduling.

  1. Tasks:

    1. Solicit schools, charities and community organizations for non-political and non-religious community benefit projects, and compile a list for developers to consider funding (see exhibit - draft letter).

    2. Compilation of all projects in West L.A. and list of those who have presented to PLUM.

  2. Santa Monica Blvd. Overlay Plan: Report - USC student Kevin Barrow (School of Public Policy).

  3. New business - Projects:

    1. 11801 Olympic Blvd. retail/office building: Demolition of ___, and new construction of a 9-story, 161-ft. commercial building with 594 parking spaces (318 required) on 71,000-sf site in M2-1 zone. 30,000 sf of retail and 97,000 sf of research and development space for total of 128,000 sf. Export soil - 63,000 cy (1,600 truck trips). Site Plan Review, Zoning Administrators Adjustment for 20% increase in FAR to 1.8 (1.5 allowed). 90% hardscape and building footprint, 10% landscaping. ZA-2018-7490. Class 32 Infill CEQA Exemption.

    1. 1851-1855 S. Barry Ave. small lot subdivision: Demolition of 3 houses and 2 apartments. New construction of 8 4-story houses (houses sizes of 2,175-2,400 sf each) on 12,400-sf site in RD1.5-1 zone. 10 of 11 trees on the site will be cut down. Soil export of 550 cy (125 truck trips). Merger of 2 parcels. VTT-82467. AA-2018. ENV-2018-CE.

  1. Continuing business - Projects:

    1. 11628 Santa Monica Blvd. mixed-use apartments and retail (strip mall with Nook, Western Bagel, Star Bakery): Demolition of 2-story commercial mall. New construction of 6-story mixed-use with 99 units (6 very low-income, 2 low-income, 1 moderate income) and 12,121 sf of commercial. Total size: 179,000 sf. Incentives for increase FAR to 3.6 and increased height of 3 stories and 45 ft. to 6 stories and 66 ft. CPC-2018-3128-DB-SPR. ENV-2018-3129-EAF.

      • Application/plans (original design, will be revised): https://www.dropbox.com/home/2018%20PLUM/Santa%20Monica%2011628%20-%20Nook%20-%20Western%20Bagel%20mini-mall

      • Design is with minimum setbacks and maximum height. Site design has 5% landscaping at ground level and is 95% covered (building footprint and hardscape).

      • Initial conference - No consideration of design / entitlements and motion.

      • Community status: TBD.

      • City status: Submittal on May 31 (Planner: Danalynn Dominguez). Hearing date TBD.

      • NC status: First presentation for PLUM in Feb. (information only).

      • Representative: Chris Murray, Rosenheim & Associates.

      • Owner: Cameron Broumand, Plaza West LLC.

  1. New business - Policies:

    1. Short-term rentals: Review of LUPC motion remanded to PLUM to draft more-detailed resolution.

    2. Standard Conditions of Approval: Review of previously approved document and new revisions from  Dec. meeting.

      • Motion: Construction shall end by 5:00 pm on all days.

        1. Justification: Current end time of 9:00 pm is extremely late.

    1. Conditions of Approval (LA City DBS):

      • Motion: All DBS Conditions of Approval shall require that construction ends by 5:00 pm on all days.

      • Justification: Current end time of 9:00 pm is extremely late.

    1. Offsite advertising on construction fences:

      • Motion: The city shall revise the LAMC and prohibit posters for offsite advertising and contractors on temporary construction fencing.

    1. Design Standards/Guidelines: Review of document/exhibit.

    2. Motion: Ban on campaign contributions by developers to City Councilmembers and support Councilman Ryu’s Motion (see exhibit).

    3. Motion: Planning Commissions appointees shall have defined terms (e.g. 5 years).

    4. Motion: CD11 shall notify the NC of all meetings with developers and invite an NC member to attend.

    5. Motion: Planning Dept. staff reports shall list all meetings between the developer and Planning Dept., Planning Commissioners and Council District, and shall list all campaign contributions from developer employees and their spouses/ domestic partners to elected officials.

  1. West Los Angeles Community Plan update: CD11 to lead supplement tour.

Future projects:

  1. 11857 Santa Monica Blvd.: New construction of 5-story apartment with 52 units (5 very low-income) on a 14,670-sf vacant lot. Density bonus incentives for 3.1 FAR and 1 additional story. 60 parking spaces. Total size 70,000 sf. DIR- . ENV-.

    1. Application/plans: https://www.dropbox.com/home/2019%20PLUM/Santa%20Monica%2011857%20apartment

    2. Community status: TBD.

    3. City status: Submittal on.

    4. NC status: First presentation for PLUM to be in May.

    5. Representative: Shahab Ghods, Plus Architects.

    6. Owner:.

  2. Future project

    1. Application/plans:

    2. Community status: TBD.

    3. City status: Submittal on.

    4. NC status: First presentation for PLUM to be scheduled in.

    5. Representative:.

    6. Owner:.

Other items (may or may not be considered at this meeting, pending time availability):

  1. Administrative:

    1. What does “we need housing” mean?

                                          i.    Is it an excuse for developers to build as big as possible?

                                         ii.    Does every project “need” to be as big as possible while providing miniscule open space and minimal landscaping? Or, should housing be built that blends with the neighborhood, does not impose on the older housing stock, yet still increase the unit count?

    1. Role of PLUM:

                                          i.    Rubber-stamp for Planning Dept. and approve all project as long as they “comply” with zoning in our opinion (though only the Planning Dept. can determine that)? Or, shall we defend the long-time neighbors and character of the community by supporting reasonable, smart growth?

        1. See Exhibit: Letter from Gloria Campbell.

                                         ii.    Is the minimally-required amount of required affordable housing OK for density bonus and TOC projects, or should we request more?

    1. NC reputation with Planning Dept. – do they actually hold NCs in low regard if NCs place conditions/ restrictions on projects to improve the project and protect the neighborhood?

                                          i.    Which planners say the WLASNC requests unreasonable design revisions, and which planners hold them in low regard because of community input?

    1. Design: LID stormwater planters – inability to plant and grow / sustain large trees.

      • Includes 2 ft. of aggregate to absorb and filter stormwater, which prevents roots from gaining nutrients and trees from growing.

    1. Role of NC involvement: Desire of land owner vs. desire of community. NC is one of several community groups who can influence city.

    2. What does it mean when developers say “The Council Office supports it”?

    1. What does it mean when developers say “The Planning Dept. supports it” for small lot subdivisions?

      • Consequential items (height, FAR, setbacks, open space) vs. non-consequential items (design, articulation, color).

    1. Philosophy of PLUM and basis of decisions: Rubber stamp for Planning Dept., defer to developers for design decisions, vs. push back for better projects for community?

      • Facts vs. speculation (i.e. hearsay).

      • City prohibition on decisions based on financial impact on owner, developer and neighbors.

      • Minutiae of Planning/Zoning Code vs. concept/vision of best way to integrate with existing neighborhood.

    1. Items of consideration:

      • Condominiums vs. apartments.

      • Sales prices and rents.

      • Types of retail.

  1. Old/new/future business:

    1. Motion: PLUM shall recommend that the NC require commercial uses within 200 ft. of residences to reduce nighttime noise after 10:00 pm to 35 decibels and/or prevent noise from leaving the site (per DBS code).

    2. Motion: Sign Ordinance (see exhibit).

    3. Motion: Housing Committee proposal for addition of a “penalty of perjury” clause to forms required for demolition, giving the city the ability to punish developers who mislead planners about the project’s compliance with the rent stabilization ordinance. Prohibit condominium conversions unless neighborhood vacancy rate is 5% or more (see exhibit).

    4. Motion: Transparency in General Plan Update process (see exhibit).

    5. Motion: Request status of Quimby/Parks funds available for NC district and possible uses (pocket parks, playground equipment, sports fields, Civic Center).

    6. Motion: CD11 and DOT shall audit parking meter revenue and designate traffic-calming and other projects to fund.

    7. Tree replacements in rights-of-way: Sanitation Dept. site, Fire Dept. site, Sawtelle (old Satsuma and Giant Robot sites).

    8. Parking ratios: Discussion of ratios for suburban, urban, and transit-oriented locations, leadership by government versus desires of drivers, increase in traffic caused by free parking, increase in global warming from car pollution (see exhibit).

    9. Open Space Element (General Plan): Discussion and possible answers to city’s questions.

    10. Sawtelle Corridor Overlay Plan: Discussion.

    11. Link: Mobility vs. place-making - http://curatingla.com/2017/07/31/la-needs-to-focus-on-place-not-movement/

  1. WRAC Land Use and Planning Committee resolutions:

    1. Resolution: Support for the Del Rey NC’s public comment letter for the Ballona Wetlands EIR [LUPC vote 8-0-0] Comments include:

      • Proposals are for a reconstruction, not a restoration – how is this better than the current re-naturing process?

      • Soil displacement may create large, unnatural mounds, and dirt and dust during grading.

      • Wildlife may be run off and killed during grading – how will animals and birds be protected?

      • Baseball field shall remain in operation as there is a shortage of active recreational field space in the area (although no ecological benefit exists for a baseball field in an ecologically sensitive area, and the city and the community can find other sites and fund them as an alternative).

      • No parking garage shall be built.

      • Bike path shall remain in operation.

      • Public access shall be limited – wildlife needs peace and quiet to breed and thrive.

      • Runoff debris and trash – how will it be prevented and collected?

      • Additional stormwater analysis to ensure no flooding during grading and final finished use.

      • Eliminate the gas storage facility.

      • How will the finished use be managed?

    1. Resolution: Sepulveda/Pico/Exposition station mixed-use project (approved 7-0-0): The City (Planning Dept. and/or DBS) shall provide the site plan in order to provide stakeholders an opportunity to comment on the design.

    2. Resolution: Temporary offsite advertising signs on construction sites (approved 7-0-0):  With regard to Council file CPC-2017-455-CA, WRAC believes no temporary offsite advertising signs should be allowed on construction fencing and that other regulations should be imposed including paint color; openings provided every 50 ft. for police to peer in and deter crime; limiting signage to fences that face/front C zones; signs be allowed only on active construction sites (not on vacant sites that are being leased for car storage or construction staging for another site); maximum amount of signage limited to 6 sf of signage for every 50 ft.; and stringent graffiti cleanup. WRAC believes there is no public benefit to allow such signs all over the city when billboards are limited.

    3. Resolution: Open Space Element update of General Plan (approved 7-0-0): The Planning Dept. shall open all advisory group meetings, provide agendas and minutes, include public comment and release the membership and composition of the General Plan Elements updates’ advisory working groups.

    4. Resolution: Permit Streamlining Act compliance with deadlines (approved 7-0-0): The City shall take proactive, definitive measures to comply with State laws that establish time limits for entitlement approvals and shall advise Neighborhood and Community Councils.

    5. Cannibas Locations (approved 7-0-0): The city shall analyze the potential of overconcentration of marijuana dispensaries and growing facilities in M zones, and possible loss of land for needed neighborhood services.

  1. Board action on previous PLUM motions:

    1. 11434 Pico Blvd. (Fantasy Island site) apartment: Demolition of 1-story commercial building. New construction of apartment.

    1. Zone change (2146 S. Colby Ave.).: Change of zone use of 5,300-sf parcel from R3 to C2. APWC-2018-7163-ZC. ENV-2018-7164-CE.

    1. 2222 Corinth Ave., 2255 Sawtelle Blvd. & 11330 Olympic Blvd. office building: Demolition of 2 1-story commercial buildings of 52,000 sf and new construction of 8-story office building  and 4-story parking garage with 472 spaces (135,000 sf) on 3.2-ac. site in M2-1 zone. FAR is 1.44. No setbacks required. 500 ft. from freeway. Road widenings on Sawtelle Blvd. (5 ft.) and Tennessee Ave (3 ft.). Export soil - 26,000 cy (650 truck trips). 91% hardscape and building footprint, 9% landscaping.

    1. 1730 Armacost Ave. small lot subdivision: New construction of small lot subdivision with 3 houses of 4 stories on 6,000-sf vacant lot in RD1.5 zone. AA-___2018. ENV-2018-____-CE.

    1. Zoning on 2300 block of Wellesley Ave.

      • NC status: Board resolution to support similar zone to area, only if upzoned.

  1. Status of previous decisions:

    1. Kimukatsu restaurant (2121 Sawtelle Blvd.) alcohol CUB: Beer and wine alcohol onsite sales and service for sit-down restaurant. ZA-2018-6331-CE.

      • City status: Submittal  (Planner: Maritza Lee). Hearing date TBD.

      • NC status: Board approved at Feb. meeting.

    1. 2110 S. Barry Ave.: Demolition of 1 house. New construction of 2 houses of 3 stories with minimum setbacks and maximum height. Variance for reduced lot width.Parcel map. Variance for reduced lot width. AA-2018-4026-PMLA-CN. ENV- AA-2018-4027-CE.

      • City status: Hearing date TBD.

      • NC status: Board opposed PLUM resolution (to support project) in Feb.

    1. 2465 S. Purdue Ave.: Demolition of 1-story apartments (4 units). New construction of 5-story, 17-unit apartment (1 very low-income, 2 extremely-low income) with 4.5 FAR. TOC Tier 3 incentives include 70% density bonus, reduced parking to 0.5 spaces per unit, and FAR increase of 50%. On-menu incentives include decrease in open space by 25%, decrease in both side setbacks by 30%, and increase in height of 1 story. DIR-2018-3411-TOC. ENV-2018-3412-EAF.

      • City status: Submittal in Apr. 2018.

      • NC status: Board opposed PLUM resolution (to support project with conditions).

    1. 2412 S. Federal Ave.: Demolition of 4 studio residences and commercial store. New construction of 40 units (including 4 very low-income) with Transit Oriented Communities incentives, minimum setbacks and maximum height. DIR-2018-4928-TOC. ENV-2018-4929-EAF.

      • City status: Submittal on Aug. 22, 2018.

      • NC status: Board supported PLUM resolution (to support project with conditions).

    1. 11261 Santa Monica Blvd. & 1611-1625 S. Beloit Ave.: Demolition of 1-story gas station with mini-market. New construction of 6-story (67 ft.) apartment with 119 units (17 affordable). 135 car parking spaces. 94 bicycle parking spaces. Transit-Oriented Communities incentives for increased height from 45 ft. to 67 ft., 25% reduction in open space from 12,225 sf to 9,175 sf, and reduced setbacks to 5 ft. In-lieu fee for removal of 5 trees (30 replacement trees required, 23 trees proposed in pots on podium and roof). Waiver for road dedication on Santa Monica Blvd. (5 ft.) and Beloit Ave. (3 ft.). Lot coverage 69%, paving 22%, landscaping 9%. DIR-2018-3038-TOC-SPR-WD1. ENV-2018-3039-MND.

      • City status: Submittal on May 24, 2018. Planner: Steve Kim.

      • NC status: Board supported PLUM resolution (to support project).

    1. New Target store (11800 Santa Monica Blvd.): Alcohol CUB for sales of full line of alcohol for offsite consumption as part of new store (30,200 sf), part of mixed-use project (169,000 sf). ENV-2018-3771-CE. ZA-2018-3770-CUB.

      • City status: Hearing on Oct. 22.

      • NC status: Cancellation of Board meetings prevented NC from considering in time for Planning Dept. hearing.

    1. 12300-12328 W. Pico Blvd.: Demolition of 1-story commercial and new construction of 6-story apartment with 65-units, 1,740 sf commercial (15% very low income housing- 10 units). Uses Transit Oriented Communities Tier 3 incentives for affordable housing – 70% density increase, 3.75 FAR, 0.5 parking spaces/unit, height increase of 2 stories/ 22 ft., reduced side setbacks of 5 ft., reduced transitional height. Adjacent to I-10 freeway in rear. DIR-2017-5254.

      • NC status: Board supported PLUM resolution (support with design revisions).

    1. 1947 S. Sawtelle Blvd. (old YMCA site): Alcohol CUBs (full service) with hours of operation until 2:00 am for all nights.

      • New 1,490-sf restaurant, 63 indoor seats and 18 patio seats. ZA-2018-4860-CUB. ENV-2018-4861-CE.

      • New 1,261-sf restaurant, 60 indoor seats and 12 patio seats. ZA-2018-4862-CUB. ENV-2018-4863-CE.

      • New 2,022-sf restaurant, 104 indoor seats and 92 patio seats. ZA-2018-4866-CUB. ENV-2018-4867-CE.

      • City status: Submittal on Aug. 22. TBD hearing.

      • NC status: Board supported PLUM resolution (to support CUB).

    1. 12001 W. Pico Blvd.: Demolition of 1-story commercial buildings. New construction of 6-story mixed-use (67-ft. height) with 80 units (8 affordable), 4,117 sf of commercial, and 82 parking spaces. Incentives to reduce open space from 8,000 sf to 6,000 sf (reduction of 25%), to reduce transitional height, and to increase height by 22 ft. and 2 stories. ENV-2018-3173-EAF. DIR-2018-3172-TOC-CDO.

      • City status: No hearing - Director’s administrative determination.

      • NC status: Board supported PLUM resolution (to oppose project).

    1. Nong LA restaurant (Yamaguchi Bldg., 2055 Sawtelle Blvd.): CUP for alcohol (beer and wine) service and a deviation from the commercial corner ordinance for extended hours of service from 11:00 am until 2:00 am at a 909-sf restaurant with 25 seats and 8 exterior seats. Expiration in May 2019. ZA-2012-0382-CUB.

      • City status: Hearing date TBD.

      • NC status: Board supported PLUM resolution (to support CUB).

    1. 11347 W. Mississippi Ave.: Demolition of 1-story house. New construction 2-unit condominiums (3 stories, 4 bedrooms) with minimum setbacks and maximum heights. Variance for reduced lot width. ENV-2018-3578-CE. AA-2018-3577-PMLA.

      • City status: Hearing date TBD. Submittal on Jun. 19, 2018.

      • NC status: Board supported PLUM resolution (to support CUB).

    1. 1702 S. Granville Ave.: Re-design - demolition of 1-story house and new construction of 4 small-lot houses of 4 stories (Small Lot Subdivision). AA-2017-3856-PMLA-SL, ENV-2017-3857-CE (see exhibit).

      • City status: Approved in Aug. 2018. Re-submittal in 2018. Submittal 9/26/2017. Planner: Connie Chauv.

      • NC status: Presentation of revised plan to PLUM on Jun. 12, no resolution - forwarded to Board for Jul. 25 meeting. First presentation for PLUM in Nov. 2017 - no resolution, forwarded to Board with no recommendation.

  1. Public Comment - Items not on the Agenda: 1 minute minimum per speaker.

  2. Member announcements.

  3. Adjournment.

Members:   Jay Ross, Chair (310) 979-9255 JRoss@WLANC.com          

                  Jay Handal, Boardmember representative JHandal@WLANC.com    

                  Arman Ghorbani, Boardmember representative AGhorbani@WLANC.com    

                  Galen Pindell, Boardmember GPindell@WLANC.com

                  Timothy Sweeney SweeneyTimothy@Gmail.com  

                  Karim Wataghani Wataghani@AOL.com

                  Korie Schmidt TheSEODoctors@Gmail.com

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