West LA Utility Box Art Project Proposals Due April 7


Councilmember Mike Bonin, West LA Sawtelle Neighborhood Council, and West LA Community Coalition are joining forces to beautify our community. We love public art, and are bringing the "Utility Box Art Project" to West LA as a way of adding more neighborhood character to local utility boxes with fresh, inspiring designs. Local artists with an idea for a utility box in West LA, should submit a proposal by April 7, 2019. Below are the list of requirements for the design proposal. 


Thank you for your interest in helping to beautify West LA. We are accepting proposals for eleven utility boxes in West LA. Please read the following instructions carefully prior to submitting. 

1. Artists will submit their design plan on the template below. 

2. Artists shall describe their design entry and their rationale behind what the design is about. Utility Box Art subject matter can be determined by the artist. 

3. All decorative displays must use environmentally preferred paints or adhesive with low volatile organic compounds. The décor may not puncture, etch, bend or otherwise alter the dimensions and integrity of the traffic signal cabinet. Additionally, the display must not cover or obstruct cabinet air vents, door handles, key holes, hinges, and seams.

4. The City has the right to reject any display that contains language or images that: 

o infringe upon a registered trademark, patent or copyright; 

o advertise for a financial benefit or commercial purpose; 

o resemble a traffic control device or regulatory sign; 

o contain reflective material, mirrors, or causes a glare; 

o campaign for specific legislation, or the election or recall of a public official; 

o promote violence, nudity, illegal drugs, deviant behavior or an illegal activity; 

o portray acts deemed obscene, vulgar, profane, or scatological; 

o denigrate a specific group based on ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, religion, gender, or sexual orientation; 

o denigrate the military, law enforcement, fire rescue and support, government services, or public officials; 

o denigrate animals or any living creature protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act. 

5. If possible, artists should submit a quick selfie video that goes with your proposal explaining your design. 

6. All proposals should be submitted by April 7, 2019 to Eric Nakamura at enakamura@wlasnc.com Late submissions will not be considered

7. Artists will be selected by a review committee determined by West LA Community Coalition and West LA Sawtelle Neighborhood Council. The review committee will make final decisions and notify artists before April 30, 2019. Please note that depending on the number of submissions, not all proposals will be accepted. 

8. Review committee will assign the utility box to be completed by the artists. We will not accept requests for a specific utility box. 

9. Utility boxes must be completed by May 31, 2019. Paint dates will be coordinated with West LA Community Coalition. 


Winning artists will receive a $350 stipend which includes artist payment and supplies. Artists will also be responsible for preparing the boxes.