Coffee with a Cop March 5th Coffee Bean (Wilshire Blvd) Update from your Senior Lead Officer James Lavenson, LAPD


Hello everyone,

    I hope your new year is starting off great.  Thank all of you for your tips, advise, reporting problems and issues in the neighborhood.  I hoping we have a better year in regards to crime statistics, and trends this year.

    Just a few things we have seen on the uptick these past few months.  Remember "Lock it, Hide it, Keep it", as it pertains to belongings in your vehicle.  It is important that we lock our vehicles, and verify the vehicle is indeed locked.  The next trend deals with vehicles that utilize key fobs.  Verify that all fobs are in your possession or secured in safe place. 

    We have had numerous Burglary and Theft from Motor Vehicles during the past year.  I have organized several Homeless Cleanups in our problem locations.  I am working with numerous City and County Entities to clean our streets, as well as offer shelter and outreach to the homeless in the community.  This is a difficult, complicated and a complex issue, I am all ears and open to suggestions.  I appreciate the phone calls and emails when this issue interferes with your quality of life. 

    I will be available tomorrow night at our WLA Sawtelle Neighborhood Council Meeting, 7 P.M at Felicia Mahood Senior Center.  I am also including a Coffee with a Cop, for next Tuesday.  If your neighborhood, HOA, building would like me to come out and do a safety assessment or speak to your neighbors about safety tips, and strategies that can be implemented to "Harden The Target", let me know I am always available.  I am also a supporter of new Neighborhood Watch groups, I would love to assist in setting more of these fantastic groups in your neck of the woods.

    Please continue to keep me apprised of any new problems, concerns or issues in your neighborhood, I appreciate your help in keeping our community safe.


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