WLA Sawtelle Asphalt Repairs - March 5th - Nominate a Location!

Send it here: info@wlanc.com

The Bureau of Street Services scheduled a Small Asphalt Repairs (SAR) truck for the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council District to perform small asphalt repairs on 3/05/19

Only 15 addresses will be inspected per Neighborhood Council. https://www.westlasawtelle.org/wlasnc-boundaries

·       Only 15 addresses will be nominated and inspected per neighborhood council.

·       Street Services will address as many locations as possible with the resources allocated for the program (1 pothole truck).

·       If locations submitted do not qualify for the program, you will be informed of the reason.

·       BSS may be able to complete a slightly larger project in the neighborhood, this will be determined at the time of inspection.

  • Wilshire Boulevard to the North,

  • The 10 freeway to the South,

  • The 405 freeway to the East, and

  • The City of Santa Monica/Centinela Avenue to the West.

Select high visibility locations:

·       Parks, schools, churches, places where people congregate

·       Crosswalks

·       Intersections

·       High volume alleys


If you nominated a location that was not repaired last time, go ahead and nominate it again. Hopefully, it will make the list this time.

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