Volunteer for the Homeless Count 2019 Wed 1/23/19 8PM

Please help spread the word that the annual 'Homeless Count 2019' is set for next week.

The Annual Count takes over 3 days.  For our are (WLA) it is set for WEDNESDAY 1/23/19 beginning at 8 pm. 

This falls on the same date as our regular board meeting.  For those that remember this happened last year too and Jay Handal left our meeting a bit early to supervise the gathering/training spot (i.e. WLA Civic Center). 

Anyway - please help reach out to encourage friends and neighbors to volunteer for this very important effort.  Getting an accurate count of our homeless is the first step to addressing appropriate resources and services for the neighborhood. 

Per Jay Handal, they have also accepted walk-in volunteers and all volunteers welcomed.  Please contact Jay directly to ask questions or sign up as a volunteer (jhandal@wlanc.com)

Also - here is the link for more information (you can also sign-up online):  https://www.theycountwillyou.org/

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