Five Robberies in Three Weeks in West LA - SLO Lavenson

Good morning all,

    I have been working with our Detectives for the past week on a series of Robberies in the neighborhood.  For clarification, I am Senior Lead Officer (SLO) 53, that area covers Wilshire to the 10 Freeway and Centinela to the 405 Freeway.  My primary focus is this area, (our neighborhood), however I do work with my fellow SLO's as we share many of the same issues.  During the past three weeks we have had five robberies in the neighborhood.  We do not have a pattern, Modus Operandi (MO), suspect description more importantly no one was physically injured.  The crimes have included a range of suspects from tall to average height, black, white and Hispanic.  The weapon has also varied from a gun, knife, simulated weapon, knife and a fist; I repeat no physical violence has been used.  The crimes have occurred in public, the majority on a sidewalk.  The times have varied from 1:30 in the afternoon to dusk and in the late evening.  We are in the process of evaluating some items for DNA.  I would like to preface that these are crimes of opportunity and the victims were merely going about their day errands.

    I have sent out a few emails and discussed these crimes at our West LA Sawtelle Neighborhood Council meetings although I did not have much information.  I did want to educate you the crime trends in the area.  I have received some emails asking for more information.  I want to ensure you now we do not think this is an organized criminal enterprise, ring, gang , or group that is responsible.  We believe that these are independent of each other with very little information to follow up on.  If I believed or had articulable facts that these were not coincidental, I would have released a Public Safety Statement held a Town Hall etc., and notified the residents in my community. 

    Moving forward, if anyone has any information of suspicious activity please let me know.  Please be mindful, alert and aware of you r surroundings when out in the community.  Jogging with an iPod or music has not been an issue, however walking and texting, talking, reviewing emails on you phone and being overall distracted is not beneficial for us.  I have been quite guilty of the above, but this is not a good practice.  Lets continue to be proactive, aware of our surroundings, report suspicious people and vehicles in the neighborhood.  I will continue to advocate business and residential cameras, motion lights, any type of ring door bells.  When setting up a camera system getting a picture of the suspect is great, however we would love a street view where a vehicle and / or license plate can be captured. 

    We continue to get hit with numerous Burglary from Motor Vehicles (BFMV) and Theft from Motor Vehicles (TFMV).  Remember to lock and secure your vehicles at all times.  We continue to advocate hiding any valuables that are visible in your vehicle, "Lock it, Hide it, Keep it".

    Have an enjoyable and safe weekend, let me know if you have any questions, problems and or concerns.  If any group, apartment building, condominium or townhouse would like to set up a Neighborhood Watch let me know.  I am also available to conduct a safety check of any residence, apartment building condominium or townhouse.  I will check for adequate lighting, motion lights, sensors, cameras, fencing and the overall security of the property. 

    SLO Jimmy

James W Lavenson

Senior Lead Officer

West Los Angeles Area

1663 Butler Avenue

Los Angeles, Ca. 90025

SLO 53


Office (310) 444-0742