Message from WLA LAPD SLO Lavenson

Good afternoon,

    I hope you all have had a peaceful couple of weeks.  Things in our community have calmed down, I thank all of you for your tips, mails, phone calls.  You have given me some great information and I have thus passed on to our men and women who patrol the streets of your community.  We have not had any robberies in the past several weeks as we are working on analyzing the evidence we have collected.  Our Burglary and Theft from motor vehicles is staying level.  This is a number that we can reduce as we continue to "Harden the Target", "Lock it, Hide it, Keep it" is a campaign that has paid dividends.  As we minimize these crimes of opportunity our crime numbers will decrease.

    I hosted a community safety meeting a month ago, if any of you think we have a need please let me know.  I am more than happy to host one or start a new Neighborhood Watch program, as we have started a couple in the past couple of months.  When I conduct these community meetings, I factor a time period for Q n A.  I will he hosting a Coffee with a Cop on October 3rd at McDonald's located at 10611 Pico Bl.  This location is a bit out of our area, I will be assisted our neighboring SLO as we tend to share similar problems and crime trends.

    One note of mention here at WLA, I along with our Patrol Officers, fellow SLO's, VICE, Narcotics, Detectives, Crime Analysis Unit, Cadets and Youth Services Officers are working together to reduce crime in the  community.  We have made some progress but certain areas are still in need of some attention.  I appreciate your input, tips and of course advice.

    Please download Myla311 to you phone, Ipad or computer.  Remember 

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