LAPD Update: National Night Out Aug 7th / LAPD Tennis Team Kids Day Aug 25th and Burglary Tips

Burglary Safety Tips

Please take whatever measures you can afford to better secure your properties.  Ensure video cameras are up and running and are visible—to further serve as a deterrent.  Be nosy… if you hear glass breaking, pay attention, call it in.  Side gates should be locked.  Lights should illuminate your home like an airport.  Leave something audible, like a stereo or TV loud enough to be heard from the front and the rear to give the impression that someone is home each and every time you leave your home.  Talk to your family and your staff about how to deal with strangers and solicitors ringing your doorbell…Without answering the door, they should speak loudly and in the plural “We can’t come to the door right now”.  And if you do find yourself face to face with someone in your home, remember that there is nothing, no amount of property, cash or jewelry, that is worth you or your family’s safety.  

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