Ask Questions via Email for the SafeParkingLA Panel Discussion at the Next WLASNC Board Meeting

The proposal is for SafeParkingLA to create a Safe Parking area at the WLA Civic Center for those who live in their vehicles. At our last meeting, the proposal was for the "narrow" Civic Center parking area adjacent to the Civic Center (see photos below) building to be used for 10 vehicles. The lot is currently separated by a wall from the larger parking lot that is bordered by Corinth Ave and Iowa Ave.

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The panel will take place at the next WLASNC Board meeting Wednesday July 25th at the Felicia Mahood Center. 7pm.

SafeParkLA panelists will include 

Jim Lavenson, LAPD

Emily Kantrim, Safe parking 

Becky Gross, LAHSA (remotely bc she is out of town) 

Lisa Payne, Mayors office public engagement 

Pastor Anna Olsen, St. Mary's episcopal church 


*clients of Safe parking will be in the audience*

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