Sawtelle Sundays Concerts in the Bandshell - July and August



08 Chris Clarke and friends  

(West LA Hip Hop) 


15  DJ Bearlestial & Meliss FX 

(Yoga dance party and sound bath )


22 Dub Robot and Friends vs the humans

(Reggae dub night) 


29 Moldy Records Presents “Skate your face”

Pacific Range + Blue Silk

(Classic Rock and Blues)



05 Kill Nigel +Dork Dozier + Princess Fortier

(A Night of Hip Hop, Love and R&B)


12 A Reminder + The cat toys

(West LA Rock + Experimental Improv) 


19   La Sirena y Orquesta Mar de Ashé 

(Salsa + salsa lessons)


26  Chuck Chilla and the ProFreshinals

(Party Funk)

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