Update from LAPD SLO James Lavenson

Hello all,


    Thank you for the tips, information and updates as to the goings on in our community.  I was out of town competing in the US Police & Fire Championships.  I was able to represent WLA proudly and got a little lucky in the tennis tournament.  Now back to the real world:  This past week was full of meetings, homeless issues and special events such as the fire in the hills, protests, and special events in the division.  I am going to attempt a new system for delivering our crime statistics, I have a couple ideas in mind.  First, I would like to try logging on to this website that has been popular in other areas.  Please try it and get back to me with you opinion.




    If you have time today, please join us at the Civic Center for our skate festival sponsored by Nike.  The event starts at 1:00 – 5:00 P.M.  A special thanks goes out to Mike Bonin, Hannah Levien, Nike, the WLASNC, Greg Ericksen.  The Civic Center looks fantastic, all parties have worked tirelessly in revitalizing the area. 


    The LAPD Tennis Team who has a charity “Just Say No”, will be doing two rallies this summer.  We get the kiddos out on the tennis courts and teach tennis, lunch, then we talk with the kids.  Our message is one of respect for all, reinforcing our core theme of No to Drugs, Gangs, and Crime.  We would love all the help and support from the community, every child is welcome.  If you would like more information please email me.  A special shout out to Mike Bonin, WLANC, Go Country, LAPRAAC, their support is fantastic and keeps the lights on.

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