Injured Motorist in West LA Accident Seeks Public Help

Location and Date: West Olympic Boulevard and Beloit Avenue on Thursday, May 3, 2018, between 8:18 - 9:00 PM - The collision occurred around 8:18-8:25 PM, the LAFD arrived on the scene at by 8:30 PM, and the LAPD was present around 9:00 PM.

White Ford Edge SUV

"We're still seeking folks who can help us identify what happened, as our son blacked out after the accident, and is without the ability to recall all of the details.   We also don't have the information on the driver of the other vehicle, so we are relying on the support of others to help us out.   We also want to thank everyone who helped form the human wall, and engage folks who can tell us what happened, or provide us with the contact info of folks who might have seen what happened on May 3."

emails to:



We have good news to share.  We have been in touch with several folks who were present during and.or after the scene of the incident, and we now have a formal report that affirms that Jonathan had the right of way.


From the bottom of our hearts, Jonathan, Paul and I wanted to thank you so much for posting signs in your windows and online that would help us reach folks who may have witnessed the vehicular collision.


Our best,


Elena, Paul and Jonathan




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