Looking for a Few Good Advocates and Budget Advocates Financial Reports and Budge

Attached are 2 budget advocate reports:

1- Last Years financial re-cap showing what funds we received, how they are spent.

2- Last months financial report, showing this years financials.

3- This years projected budget.

Please review and let us know if you have any questions.

In addition, below is an invitation for all. The budget advocates are always looking for interested members to come forward and work with the team.

Please see the write up below and let us know if you have interest or questions:

The Budget Advocates are an elected citywide group addressing the City's fiscal issues on behalf of Neighborhood Councils and stakeholders. It is demanding work but very satisfying to those of us who take on these responsibilities.

Do you know anyone who enjoys challenges and might like to join us? Some of Budget Advocates have stepped down in recent months due to work demands (the paid kind) and other obligations, plus we are always looking for people to lend a hand with what we do. And it's an excellent way to meet new people and learn how the City government really works.

We encourage you to reach out to stakeholders, those who already serve on your committees and attend your meetings, as well as those you interact with outside of NC work. These would be in addition to your existing Budget Representatives and board members who are familiar with what we do but sometimes have over-full schedules.

Experienced board member or talented newcomer, we are looking for people with a passion to improve the City and their communities and who want to foster the changes that can be made at the intersection of budget and services.

People do NOT need to be financial wizards or have a degree in statistical analysis to join in. Common sense and a desire to improve their world is more than enough.

We will hold online Budget Advocate elections shortly to fill some vacancies. Candidates need to be a Budget Representative - but the NC can appoint/approve any stakeholder who lives or works in their Neighborhood before or after the fact. Anyone can become a Budget Representative at any time if approved by his or her Neighborhood Council.

Want to see what's going on? Anyone can attend our meetings and everyone is welcome to participate in Budget Advocate activities.

Any questions or suggestions? Please contact us.

Liz AmsdenLizAmsden@hotmail.com<mailto:LizAmsden@hotmail.com>
Budget Advocate Co-Chairs

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