Weekly Crime Report September 27th


Please ensure that your residence and businesses are secure.  This means please lock your doors and secure all gates around your property.  Vehicles should be secured, if you have access to alarm systems, please utilize them.  Utilize outside lighting and or motion lights as they are effective in detouring criminal behavior.


1600 Federal Ave.                                           9-18-17 1:05 P.M

Suspect punched the victim with a closed fist to his face and took property from the victim.  The suspect had an accomplice and was armed with a knife.  The suspect’s left the location on foot with the victim’s property.



11600 Santa Monica Bl.                                  09-12-17 6:00 P.M & 9-13-17 4:40 A.M

Suspect(s) smashed the glass to the victim’s front door, entered and removed property from the business.


1600 Amherst Ave.                                         9-15-17 6:00 P.M & 9-16-17 6:30 A.M

Suspect(s) broke the lock to the victim’s garage and possibly used a truck to remove property.

1900 Federal Ave.                                           9-10-17 11:00 A.M & 9-16-17 5:00 P.M

Suspect(s) entered the victim’s residence via unknow means, once inside the suspect removed property.

1700 Corinth Ave.                                          9-16-17 2:00 A.M & 8:30 A.M

Suspect(s) entered the victim’s front unlocked door and removed property from the residence.

11500 Missouri Ave.                                      9-10-17 4:30 A.M & 8:30 A.M

Suspect(s) broke the lock to the victim’s door and entered the residence and removed property.

1700 Butler Ave.                                             9-18-17 9:45 P.M. & 9-16-17 8:00 A.M

Suspect(s) entered via an unlocked balcony door and removed property from the residence.

1700 Westgate Ave.                                        9-18-17 10:30 P.M & 9-19-17 7:00 A.M

Suspect(s) forced the victim’s front door open and removed property from the residence.




Missouri Ave. & Bundy Dr.                           9-12-17 7:30 P.M & 9:00 P.M

Suspect(s) removed property from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

1400 Armacost Ave.                                       9-13-17 3:00 P.M &9-14-17 10:30 A.M

Suspect(s) smashed the victim’s vehicle window and removed property.

1500 Federal Ave.                                           9-18-17 1:00 P.M & 4:00 P.M

Suspect(s) smashed the victim’s front passenger vehicle window and removed property.

1600 Bundy Dr.                                              9-17-17 10:00 P.M & 9-18-17 7:30 A.M

Suspect(s) smashed the victim’s driver side window and removed property.

11800 Tennessee Pl.                                       9-18-17 9:15 P.M & 9-19-17 7:50 A.M

Suspect removed the Catalytic Converter from the victim’s vehicle.

11900 Idaho Ave.                                           9-9-17 10:00 P.M & 9-10-17 7:00 A.M

Suspect(s) smashed the victim’s driver side window and gained entry and removed property.



Ohio Ave. & Corinth Ave.                              9-17-17 10:00 P.M & 10:35 P.M

The victim said she left her unsecured bicycle against a telephone pole, when she returned her bike was missing.

1400 S. Bundy Dr.                                          9-17-17 10:30 P.M & 9-18-17 9:30 A.M

Suspect(s) removed the victim’s bicycle from his garage