The "Controversial Highlights" - Wednesday 9/27 Board Meeting


The West LA Sawtelle NC hosted a packed house this evening for mainly two controversial topics. First, the Safran Housing project (Missouri and Bundy) which went from a very emphatic "No" just a few months ago, to an emphatic "Yes." The public who attended were completely in favor of the project. It passed by majority vote of the Board. The WLASNC PLUM Committee helped orchestrate changes including lowering the height of two corners, adding more sidewalk space, and more green space. There's more and we'll present more information about this affordable housing complex soon. 


We were also visited by Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley Thomas for the first time. 


Finally the second controversial topic is the "Sobering Center." You can read about this center in a previous posting here, or at a further detailed post at by Board member Jay Handal. After a heated discussion, the Board passed two motions including a stoppage of the construction of the center, and a second to "condemn" the actions of Supervisor Shiela Kuehl. There were many speakers against the project and perhaps just one in favor of it.

The exact wording will be presented in the minutes. 

WLASNC thanks all of our guests at this September meeting. We are planning a "Town Hall" to further discuss the "Sobering Center."