Should the LAPD Use Drones? Email Them Your Thoughts



Proposed Drone Program

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, the Los Angeles Police Department held a series of community meetings throughout the city seeking public input on a proposed drone program.

The consensus among attendees was that the Department needs to enhance its efforts in reaching the public on multiple social media platforms, thus affording a fair opportunity for citizens to express their opinions on small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), commonly known as small drones. In response, the Los Angeles Police Department invites members of the public to send their comments via e-mail to SUAS@LAPD.ONLINE. This invitation and department e-mail address will be posted daily on the LAPDHQ Twitter account and LAPD Headquarters Facebook account until September 11, 2017. The address will also be published on LAPDblog and will be e-mailed to E-Policing subscribers throughout the 21 LAPD community police areas.

Or write to:

Los Angeles Police Department

Office of Special Operations

SUAS Pilot Project

P.O. Box 30158

Los Angeles, CA 90030