WLA Crime Briefing 7/27/17


11800 Santa Monica Bl.                      7-13-17 7:00 P.M & 7-19-17 10:45 A.M

Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s possibly unlocked vehicle and removed property from the glove box.

1500 S. Westgate Ave.                        7-19-17 10:00 P.M & 7-20-17 7:30 A.M

Unknown suspect removed property from the victim’s vehicle.  The suspect(s) fled the location with the victim’s property.

Olympic Bl. & Sawtelle Bl.                 7-22-17 7:00 P.M & Midnight

Suspect(s) smashed the victim’s side vehicle window and removed property from the vehicle. 

11500 Nebraska Ave.                         7-5-17 4:00 P.M & 7-6-17 9:15 A.M

Suspect(s) smashed the front passenger window to his vehicle.  The suspect removed property and fled the location.

Olympic Bl. & Sawtelle Bl.                 7-24-17 7:00 P.M & 11:00 P.M

Unknown suspect(s) smashed the victim’s vehicle window and removed property.  The suspect(s) fled the location in an unknown direction.

1300 Federal Ave.                               7-23-17 10:00 P.M & 7-24-17 8:55 A.M

Suspect(s) used pry tools to open the front driver’s door, suspect(s) removed property and fled the location.

1200 Barry Ave                                  7-23-17 10:00 P.M & 7-24-17 10:00 A.M

Suspect(s) entered the secured underground parking garage.  The suspect pried open the vehicle door and removed property.



11100 W. Olympic Bl.                        7-21-17 10:00 P.M & 7-22-17 7:30 A.M

Suspect smashed the side window, entered the residence and removed property.  No suspect(s) were reported.

2200 Corinth Ave.                              7-22-17 10:00 P.M & 7-24-17 9:50 A.M

Suspect(s) gained entry to the business via prying a window.  Suspect(s) removed property and fled the location in an unknown direction.

2000 S. Barrington Ave.                     7-24-17 2:00 P.M

Suspect(s) smashed open the side door and entered the residence.  Suspect ransacked the residence and fled the location with victim’s property.