Weekly Crime Update with SLO Lavenson and More

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I hope to see some of you at the Felicia Mahood Senior Center today at noon as the UCLA Jazz Ensemble entertains our seniors.  I am so proud to work with the WLANC, WLA Civic Center Revitalization Committee and the West LA Community Coalition we have made the Civic Center, clean, kid friendly and most of all safe.  We have a production company that would like to use our center for a major movie shoot.  Thank you, everyone who has contributed, this is a fantastic team effort.  We have had movies and concerts in the band shell for our beloved seniors and kiddos.  We could use more support and donations to make the outside safe as the concrete benches and tables pose a hazard. They need to be removed and rendered safe, this project will take some additional resources.  Thank you for your assistance and support.

WLA had a great day as we carried the Torch for the Special Olympics through the streets of West Los Angeles.  I was fortunate enough to attend the opening ceremony on Saturdayin Long Beach.  It was a true gift to watch the smiles on the faces of these special athletics as we celebrated their accomplishments. 


Thank you all for the information that was related to several crimes that we had last week.  This week was quite busy with our quality of life issues, e.g., homeless and narcotics related.  I am glad to report that our Narcotics unit has made several good arrests.  Our patrol units have been extremely diligent dealing with a plethora of issues.  I have several area that are receiving extra patrol from our patrol officers.


1300 S. Westgate Ave.        6-7-17 7:15 A.M & 8:25 A.M

Suspect removed the victims locked bicycle that was secured at the coffee shop.  The suspect fled the location with the stolen bike, it is unsure how the bike was unsecured.

11800 Iowa Ave.        6-2-17 3:00 P.M & 6-7-17 10:00 A.M

The suspect entered the victim’s parking garage and cut the victim’s lock and removed the bicycle.  The garage is a shared structure used by other tenants, it is unsure if the garage was secured.


1900 Colby Ave.            6-8-17 2:30 P.M & 6-10-17 10:10 A.M

Suspects used unknown tools to break into the side door of the residence.  Once inside the suspect(s) ransacked the residence, it is unknown if any property was taken.


2400 Corinth Ave.        6-8-17 3:40 A.M & 3:45 A.M

Suspect(s) entered the apartment complex garage and removed several parts from the victims motorcycle that was parked.

2000 Stoner Ave.        6-9-17 1:05 A.M & 1:40 A.M

The suspect climbed a fence to the Department of Public Works facility.  Once inside the yard the suspect unscrewed several battery covers and removed the batteries and fled the location.

11400 Exposition Bl.        6-6-17 7:00 P.M & 6-9-17 1:00 P.M

Victim said he parked his vehicle but possibly left it unlocked.  Unknown suspect(s) entered the vehicle and removed property.  There are no signs of forced entry.


11600 Mississippi Ave        6-6-17 10:30 P.M & 6-7-17 8:30 A.M

Suspect pried open the victim’s front door to the vehicle.  The suspect removed property and fled the location with victim’s property.

Westgate Ave/Ohio Ave        6-5-17 10:00 P.M & 6-6-17 7:15 A.M

Unknown suspect used an object to smash the victim’s vehicle window.  Once inside the vehicle the suspect removed property and fled the location.

1200 S. Barrington Ave        6-6-17 5:00 P.M & 6-7-17 11:00 P.M

Suspect entered the victim’s vehicle, no sign of forced entry.  I victim believes the vehicle was secured.  The suspect removed property from the vehicle and left the location in an unknown direction.


11700 Wilshire Bl.        6-9-17 10:00 A.M

The suspect contacted the victim via the computer and convinced the victim to buy gift cards in exchange for computer services.  The victim was supposed to receive a service that would remove a computer service.