Small Asphalt Repairs

Mayor Garcetti and the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) are collaborating with the Neighborhood Councils to meet the Mayor's goal of "getting back to basics" in the Neighborhood Council Initiative "Blitz".  A pothole truck will be assigned to the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council District for its semi-annual visit to perform small asphalt repairs.  Please submit nominations for asphalt repairs to Rosie Kato ( by Monday, March 6, 2017.  Each nomination will be evaluated and prioritized by importance with only fifteen locations submitted to the BSS for consideration.  The BSS will notify the NC which locations qualified and will be repaired on March 16, 2017.

Please list the address and identify the repair as:

  • Pavement - Potholes, eroded or cracked areas, curb repairs, bumps/uneven, resurfacing.
  • Sidewalk - Uplifted or broken.
  • Other - Alleyways.
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