Vote for Budget Advocate policy proposals - DEADLINE MONDAY

Every vote counts! After you vote, please also share with others and ask them to vote as well!

Vote for the Budget Advocates' The Path to Real Transparency Monthly Budget Review with the Mayor's Budget Team at:

Read and vote for my policy to Fully fund and support the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission at:
And vote for Freddy's Master Los Angeles City Map and Calendar at:
Note that you will have to register on the site with the address where you are registered to vote. See below for further info on this.**

And a member of my Neighborhood Council proposed to have Public City Council & Commission Meetings Scheduled on Evenings and/or Weekends. I think that is a great idea and you can vote for it here:

<< In order for the policies proposed on LawMaker to be taken seriously, other users need to know that each person can only vote once, and elected officials need to know what constituency each person is in. For this reason, in order to publish a policy or vote on LawMaker, users have to sign up and provide their address.

Users can either sign up first (see "sign up" on the top right) or they can sign up after they have written their policy.

When you sign up, you'll be asked to provide your email address, and the name and address on your voter registration. LawMaker checks to make sure your name and address match and that you are in fact a registered voter. If you are not, or the name and address don't match, it gives you two ways to verify your address: (1) credit card - clearly not for people like you or me, or (2) by sending a postcard to your home with a verification code on it. This verifies that you do in fact live where you say you live.

This dramatically reduces the chances of people having more than one LawMaker account, and it also verifies in which district our users vote (so, for instance, we know that only LA voters are being counted in the LA LawMaker Challenge). >>