WLA Weekly Crime Briefing SLO Lavenson


This is our crime numbers for the past two weeks.  I will be here all next week, please join me as we serve a Thanksgiving feast to our homeless.  I have attached a flyer.  FYI I will be on vacation for a few weeks in December, I will give you information as to whom will be covering my area. 



Nebraska Ave. / Centinela Ave.                                         11-2-17 2:40 P.M

The suspect’s approached the victim and demanded the victim’s pone.  The victim refused, suspect #1 simulated a handgun in his waist.  Suspect #2 struck the victim on the neck and ear, the victim was able to flee the location.  The victim retained his property and was not injured.



1200 Amherst Ave.                                                                  10-31-17 3:45 A.M                                                               The suspect’s used a replica type key to open the call box and gain access to the front lobby.  The suspect’s fled the location with several items of US mail.

11200 W. Olympic B.                                                            11-1-17 12:00 P.M                                                    Suspect(s) entered the locked storage unit by unknown means and removed property.

11000 Pico Bl.                                                                           11-6-17 6:00 P.M & 11-6-17 11:00 P.M                           Suspect(s) pried the door and entered the victim’s business, suspect fled the location with US currency.

1700 Beloit Ave.                                                                       11-7-17 6:15 A.M                                                      Suspect(s) entered the locked apartment complex and removed mail from the locked mail box. 



1500 Armacost Ave.                                                               10-27-17 & 10-30-17

Suspect(s) entered the victim’s possibly unlocked driver’s side door.  The suspect removed property and fled the location.

1400 Brockton Ave.                                                                11-1-17 11:30 P.M & 11-2-17 8:30 A.M

Suspect(s) gained entry to the victim’s vehicle unknown the means.  There was no signs of forced entry, the suspect fled the location with the victim’s property.

Armacost Ave. & Texas Ave.                                                11-3-17 6:00 P.M & 10:00 P.M

Suspect(s) entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and removed property and fled the location.

1200 Amherst Ave.                                                                  11-5-17 3:00 P.M & 11-6-17 10:00 A.M

Suspect(s) entered the victim’s possibly unlocked vehicle and removed property.



2400 S. Barrington Ave.                                                                         11-2-17 7:30 P.M & 11-3-17 10:15 A.M

Suspect(s) entered the victim’s parking garage and unscrewed the tire from the bike frame.  The suspect fled the location with the victim’s bike.

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