Sobering Center Lease Terminated and Letter from Supervisor Sheila Kuehl


Dear Friends:

After a wide variety of meetings, with County offices, with community partners, and internal, Supervisor Kuehl has decided, with the help of our partner, the Clare Foundation, and our County Health Agency, to terminate a lease that was recently signedfor 11419 Santa Monica Boulevard, the proposed site of a new West LA Assessment and Counseling Center.

Supervisor Kuehl remains deeply committed to locating an Assessment and Counseling Center on the western end of Los Angeles. This is a proven and needed service model that will protect public safety, reduce first responder costs and, most importantly, help us fulfill our  commitment to reduce homelessness and aid those who need us to help turn their lives around.

In this instance, however, the Supervisor believes that the project moved forward too quickly over the summer without thorough consideration of the location.  Our office will work to make certain that any new location is not only appropriate but also fully and transparently vetted. 

We all appreciate your participation in the discussions about the Assessment and Counseling Center over the last few weeks and anticipate re-opening these conversations as soon as a new site is beginning to be considered and under discussion.

Your involvement in this effort is very important to us and we look forward to working closely with you in the future.  

Sheila Kuehl

Supervisor, Third District