Weekly Crime Briefing Oct 25, 2017 with SLO Lavenson


Thank you for all the helpful tips.  Please join me and the other WLA SLO's for our Haunted House this weekend. 


11600 Wilshire Bl.                                                                  10-20-17 6:45 P.M                                                       Suspects entered the business armed with a hand gun.  One of the suspects pointed a gun at the employee and demanded cash.  The suspects left the location with the victim’s US currency, no employees were injured.

Sawtelle Ave. & Santa Monica Bl.                                   10-22-17 6:35 P.M                                                               The suspect approached the victim who was sitting at the bus stop and attempted to remove property from the victim’s jacket.  The suspect threw the victim to the ground but was not able to get any property from the victim.  The suspect fled the location on foot.


2250 Barry Ave.                                                                         10-17-17 9:30 P.M & 10-18-17 1:30 A.M                   Suspect threw a rock through the front door glass and entered the business.  The suspect removed property and fled the location.

2250 Barry Ave.                                                                         10-17-17 7:30 P.M & 10-18-17 7:30 A.M               Suspect(s) used force to open the front door and removed property from the business.

2200 Sawtelle Bl.                                                                     10-18-17 1:30 A.M & 7:30 A.M                              Suspect(s) pried open the victim’s front door and took property from the business. 


11700 Idaho Ave.                                                                     10-15-17 1:00 A.M & 10-16-17 8:00 A.M             Suspect(s) entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and removed property. 

1700 Beloit Ave.                                                                       10-19-17 5:00 P.M & 10-20-17 5:45 A.M             Suspect(s) used an unknown tool to open the victim’s locked vehicle. The suspect gained entry and remove property from the vehicle.

Idaho Ave. & Stoner Ave.                                                     10-17-17 4:00 P.M & 10-19-17 9:00 A.M                  Suspect used an unknown tool punch the door lock to the victim’s drivers side door.  Once inside the vehicle the suspect attempted to steal the vehicle by tampering with the steering column.  The suspect was not able to steal the vehicle.

Sawtelle Ave. & Olympic Ave.                                           10-21-17 8:00 P.M & 9:00 P.M                               Suspect(s) smashed the victim’s vehicle window and removed property.

1500 Brockton Ave.                                                                10-22-17 12:45 A.M & 10-22-17 10:30 A.M           Suspect(s) used an unknown type tool to gain entry to the victim’s vehicle.  The suspect removed property and fled the location.

11300 Olympic Bl.                                                                  10-21-17 11:00 A.M & 12:30 P.M                              Suspect(s) entered the victim’s unsecured vehicle and removed property.

1500 Armacost Ave.                                                               10-17-17 4:00 P.M & 10-18-17 11:00 A.M               Suspect(s) used an unknown pry tool to enter the victim’s vehicle.  The suspect removed property and fled the location.


11600 Nebraska Ave.                                                             10-19-17 5:15 A.M & 5:35 A.M                                      Suspect cut the lock and fled the location with the victim’s bicycle.


12300 W. Pico Bl.                                                                    10-18-17 5:00 P.M & 10-22-17 2:00 P.M                                                                        

Victim locked and secured the motorcycle in a friend’s apartment complex.  The victim discovered the motorbike was gone when he returned several days later.