Reminder: West Los Angeles Multifamily [Q] Conditions Open House Public Meeting - and Hearing Nov 1st 6pm


City Planning Case: CPC-2017-3647-ZC Environmental Case: ENV-1998-0184-MND-REC and ENV-1997-0223-MND-REC, ENV-2017-3648-CE Council District: 11

West Los Angeles Multifamily [Q] Conditions The City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning will hold an Open House and Public Hearing regarding the proposed West Los Angeles Multifamily Qualified [Q] Conditions ordinance. The Multifamily [Q] Conditions will introduce development regulations for new multifamily construction to help ensure that future development respects and complements existing buildings, enhances the project area’s built environment, and improves the overall pedestrian orientation of new development. The Multifamily [Q] Conditions will apply to the majority of properties zoned for multifamily residential use in the area roughly bounded by Centinela Ave. to the west, San Vicente Blvd. to the north, I-405 to the east, and La Grange Ave. to the south within the West Los Angeles and the Brentwood – Palisades Community Plan Areas (see map). The Open House will begin at 6:00 PM and Department of City Planning staff will be available to answer questions about the proposed ordinance. Beginning at 6:30 PM, a Public Hearing will be conducted by a Hearing Officer, who will take public testimony and accept written correspondence on the proposed ordinance. A written recommendation report will subsequently be prepared by Department of City Planning staff for consideration by the City Planning Commission at a later date. The ordinance ultimately requires approval by the City Council.