Follow Up to USPS and Post Office Inquire

Back in March we asked West LA residents: "Are you having any problems with USPS or the local post office and if so which street do you live on?" We received follow up from Congressman Ted Lieu's office and USPS Los Angeles Regional Manger.   Below is the email from Congressman Lieu's Office and here is the letter from the USPS LA Regional Manager.

"Dear West LA Residents, 

Congressman Ted Lieu takes your USPS concerns very seriously. On his behalf we had a very productive meeting with USPS authorities on April 17. I conveyed your compliments and your complaints. 

USPS in your area has been given permission to hire additional workers. However close to 50% of their carriers are eligible for retirement. It will take a little time to find that many good candidates, train them, and get them to be as good as some of our favorite long time carriers. 

Good news is that they have several new systems in the works that should help speed up delivery. Again, these are just going into place and it will take a little time for them to be up and running smoothly. 

They are also taking steps to address the stolen mail problem, and are working to improve customer service at the post offices by having a postal ambassador available to assist patrons in the lobby of each post office. 

The Los Angeles Regional Manager, Ed Ruiz, wrote to Congressman Lieu about this in more detail. Attached is his letter that was received on May 18. 

It was agreed that the Congressman’s office would have regular meetings with USPS every 6 to 8 weeks. 

So, I will contact you next month to find out if things have improved or gotten worse. And in the meantime, always feel free to e mail me with any problems."

Greg EricksenComment