The West LA Civic Center, which connects the library, senior center, and municipal building, should be a safe and vibrant open space for our community to enjoy. Currently, it is neglected and under-utilized. There is so much potential for this space, but only if we act as a community to transform it.

The Civic Center Revitalization Committee is tasked with creating solutions  of how we can develop this under-utilized space.  in order for our city managers and City Council to prioritize and support this revitalization, we need to build significant community support.   If you are tired of the disastrous state of the civic center and want to create a dynamic outdoor space for West LA, please contact Greg Ericksen at

Civic Center Revitalization Committee:

  • Alexa Almaza, Community member
  • James Lavenson - West LA LAPD
  • Zel Limenih - Felicia Mahood Senior Center
  • Celia Avila - West LA Regional Library
  • Veronica De La Cruz - Deputy City Attorney 

Recent Updates at the Civic Center:

  • Civic Center Lights Repaired
  • General services will be constructing a fence around the bottom wall to enclose the library and senior center property.  The fence will allow the library and senior center to reclaim the area and then begin developing the area
  • Signage will be placed on fencing regarding curfew and trespassing
  • Petition started to demonstrate community support. Click HERE to sign the petition.

Here's an inspirational design to provide a vision for what we can do for this space! Thank you to JSA, Jerry Sherman and Jesse Santiago for providing this design at no cost!

01 23 17_Westside Park_SD_Submittal-page-001.jpg

FY17 Committee Agenda:

FY17 Meeting Minutes: