Many Los Angelenos are looking for ways to make a difference in their communities on the issues they care about most: crime, roads and streets, gangs and the economy. Neighborhood Council participants are empowered to advocate directly for real change in their communities. These Councils consist of residents, business owners, and property owners.

Local engagement is important because no one understands a neighborhood better than the people who live, work and play there. Neighborhood Councils are answering that need and strengthening democracy in Los Angeles by embracing and supporting the diversity of neighborhoods that comprise the City of Los Angeles.  The Neighborhood Council  system is comprised of 1800 Board Members across 96 Neighborhood Councils that exist to  connect Angelenos to City Hall and improve government responsiveness to local concerns. This  system allows us to not only voice our concerns with local issues, but also find viable solutions.

West LA elections are being held June 5, 2016.  

All the information about the election process, candidate registration, and FAQs can be found here: