Crime Blotter and Weekly Update - LAPD SLO James Lavenson

West LA Senior Lead Officer James Lavenson of the LAPD

West LA Senior Lead Officer James Lavenson of the LAPD

Great news crime in our area is going down in our neighborhood.  We have made some great arrests and are working on some cases with detectives.  The WLA Community Coalition is gaining some traction, the LA Conservation Corps with the help of Greg E., cleaned up the Bundy Triangle.  This was going to be a one day job that turned into three long days.  Thank you to Mr. Banks and the LA Dept. of Sanitation for assisting in this endeavor, simply awesome.

As the newest SLO to WLA, my plate has been full and very rewarding.  The Special Olympic Torch Run was a huge success, we raised some money and showed our support. 

I have been asked and told to put on a carnival here in WLA.  Nobody can seem to remember when the last one was, not sure I was born yet, LOL.  This carnival is going to be awesome, with the great support of our community.  We are going to close Pico between Barrington & Bundy July 14, 15, 16th.  I am selling prepaid carnival ride tickets, I would love to bring the tickets to my religious institutions, businesses and parks.  These tickets will get you on any ride for 1 ticket, the deal ends when the carnival begins.  You can contact me for tickets or come by the station on Butler to purchase, your kids are going to love this.

Yes LAPD and I will be on hand for the entire event, a great chance to catch up.  This eventis going to benefit our at risk youth in WLA and support some much needed station improvements and equipment for your hard working men and women who Protect and Serve your community.



1500 Beloit Ave 6-14- 17 11:10 A.M

Suspects removed package from the victim’s front door, and fled the location.


1400 S. Westgate Ave. 5-24- 17 7:00 A.M 5-25- 17 7:00 P.M

Suspect entered the open front door and removed victim’s property.

11200 W. Olympic Bl. 1-21- 17 - 6-14- 17

Suspect entered the victim’s storage unit and removed property.


1660 Sawtelle Bl. 5-8- 17 11:00 A.M - 5-26- 17 3:30 P.M

Suspect removed property from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

1400 S. Saltair 6-17- 17 10:00 P.M - 6-18- 17 9:50 A.M

Unknown suspect(s) removed the tires from the victim’s vehicle. The vehicle was parked in an underground garage. The vehicle was left on milk crates after the tires were stolen.

1300 Brockton Ave. 6-14- 17 7:17 P.M - 6-15- 17 5:30 A.M

Suspect(s) removed property from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

1700 Colby Ave. 6-8- 17 10:00 P.M - 6-10- 17 9:30 A.M

Suspects entered the victim’s parking garage and removed the wheels and rims from the victim’s vehicle.


1600 Brockton Ave. 6-12- 17 10:00 P.M - 6-13- 17 8:00 A.M

Suspect cut the victim’s cable lock and removed the bike and fled the location.

1700 Purdue Ave. 6-13- 17 11:00 A.M - 12:30 P.M

Suspect entered the victim’s parking garage and fled the location with the victim’s bike.

2400 Purdue Ave. 6-9- 17 10:00 P.M - 6-11- 17 Noon

Suspect(s) entered the victim’s underground parking garage and cut the bike lock. The suspect fled the location with the victim’s property.


Tennessee & Sawtelle

Two individuals were arrested for possession of narcotics.

THE QUESTION: What's Your Favorite Restaurant in West LA?

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 12.46.43 AM.png

Post had to be removed by request of The City Attorney. 

THE QUESTION: Will be an ongoing series surveying WLASNC Board Members and stakeholders on various topics related to our District which is North of the 10, West of the 405, South of Wilshire Blvd (South side of Wilshire Blvd) and East of Centinela Ave (East side of Centinela Ave). All comments and disagreements are welcome.

We want to hear your voice! Comment here, or sign up on our email list to be included in future iterations of THE QUESTION: 

Background and Frequently Asked Questions for the Home Sharing Ordinance

As background, Short-term rentals, which is the renting of a room for less than 30 days at a time, is currently not permitted in the vast majority of the City of Los Angeles under the zoning code. Short term rentals have brought both positive and negative impacts to the City’s citizens and neighborhoods. However, a lack of regulatory structure does not allow the ability to enforce current laws and the current ban fails to make a distinction between the occasional sharing of one's home from the wholesale conversion of homes to hotels.  

The proposed ordinance provides an opportunity for the City to enact sensible regulations and define what types of short term rentals make sense to be permitted. The ordinance attempts to curb the negative impacts on neighborhoods and its housing stock, while also establishing a legal framework for responsible home sharing. 

Please note that the matter has been agendized to go before the Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM), tomorrow, Tuesday, June 13th for consideration.

If you have further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me.  I can also be reached at 213.978.1321.


Lisette Covarrubias,

Neighborhood Liaison
Department of City Planning

T: (213) 978-1321

200 North Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA. 90012


Link to PDF


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 12, 2017                
CONTACT: Marc Cevasco | | 202-225-3976

Washington – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D|Los Angeles County) and Congresswoman Dina Titus (D|Nevada) issued the following statements following the Los Angeles VA’s announcement to discontinue a two-decades-old canine research program. In experiments at the Los Angeles VA facility, Dobermans were bred to suffer from narcolepsy, and subsequently injected with methamphetamines daily for six months, killed, and dissected. On May 8, 2017, Reps. Lieu and Titus, along with seven other House Members, sent a letter to the VA Inspector General, Michael J. Missal, raising concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in the controversial dog experiments.  On June 9, the VA announced it was terminating the research program.

Congressman Ted W. Lieu

“I am pleased that the VA is taking this important step for our nation’s veterans, American taxpayers, and our canine friends. This much needed reform will put the Los Angeles VA back on track to taking care of our veterans without wasting resources to conduct unnecessary and inhumane experiments on dogs.”

Congresswoman Dina Titus

“This disturbing research went on for 20 years too long. But in a matter of weeks we were able to help shut down it down. I commend the VA, my colleagues, and the devoted advocates who worked to do the right thing. This is good news for animals and veterans.”

Anthony Bellotti, President and Founder of White Coat Waste Project

“We’re proud of this victory for taxpayers, veterans and man’s best friend and incredibly grateful to Reps. Lieu and Titus for their outstanding leadership that made it possible. This long overdue reform will help the Los Angeles V.A. get back to the business of caring for and housing our nation’s veterans, instead of wasting time, tax money and facilities operating a nightmarish dog laboratory and breeding colony. With Los Angeles ending its painful dog experiments, only three V.A. facilities are still forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for heart attack experiments on puppies and other harmful studies and White Coat Waste Project and it’s 400,000 liberty-loving and animal-loving supporters will continue to hold V.A. accountable until they stop. One down, three to go.”


Congressman Lieu is a member of the House Foreign Affairs and House Judiciary Committees.  
Mr. Lieu is also a Veteran, an Assistant Whip for the Democratic Caucus, and a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.


Weekly Crime Update with SLO Lavenson and More

Special olympics 2.jpg

I hope to see some of you at the Felicia Mahood Senior Center today at noon as the UCLA Jazz Ensemble entertains our seniors.  I am so proud to work with the WLANC, WLA Civic Center Revitalization Committee and the West LA Community Coalition we have made the Civic Center, clean, kid friendly and most of all safe.  We have a production company that would like to use our center for a major movie shoot.  Thank you, everyone who has contributed, this is a fantastic team effort.  We have had movies and concerts in the band shell for our beloved seniors and kiddos.  We could use more support and donations to make the outside safe as the concrete benches and tables pose a hazard. They need to be removed and rendered safe, this project will take some additional resources.  Thank you for your assistance and support.

WLA had a great day as we carried the Torch for the Special Olympics through the streets of West Los Angeles.  I was fortunate enough to attend the opening ceremony on Saturdayin Long Beach.  It was a true gift to watch the smiles on the faces of these special athletics as we celebrated their accomplishments. 


Thank you all for the information that was related to several crimes that we had last week.  This week was quite busy with our quality of life issues, e.g., homeless and narcotics related.  I am glad to report that our Narcotics unit has made several good arrests.  Our patrol units have been extremely diligent dealing with a plethora of issues.  I have several area that are receiving extra patrol from our patrol officers.


1300 S. Westgate Ave.        6-7-17 7:15 A.M & 8:25 A.M

Suspect removed the victims locked bicycle that was secured at the coffee shop.  The suspect fled the location with the stolen bike, it is unsure how the bike was unsecured.

11800 Iowa Ave.        6-2-17 3:00 P.M & 6-7-17 10:00 A.M

The suspect entered the victim’s parking garage and cut the victim’s lock and removed the bicycle.  The garage is a shared structure used by other tenants, it is unsure if the garage was secured.


1900 Colby Ave.            6-8-17 2:30 P.M & 6-10-17 10:10 A.M

Suspects used unknown tools to break into the side door of the residence.  Once inside the suspect(s) ransacked the residence, it is unknown if any property was taken.


2400 Corinth Ave.        6-8-17 3:40 A.M & 3:45 A.M

Suspect(s) entered the apartment complex garage and removed several parts from the victims motorcycle that was parked.

2000 Stoner Ave.        6-9-17 1:05 A.M & 1:40 A.M

The suspect climbed a fence to the Department of Public Works facility.  Once inside the yard the suspect unscrewed several battery covers and removed the batteries and fled the location.

11400 Exposition Bl.        6-6-17 7:00 P.M & 6-9-17 1:00 P.M

Victim said he parked his vehicle but possibly left it unlocked.  Unknown suspect(s) entered the vehicle and removed property.  There are no signs of forced entry.


11600 Mississippi Ave        6-6-17 10:30 P.M & 6-7-17 8:30 A.M

Suspect pried open the victim’s front door to the vehicle.  The suspect removed property and fled the location with victim’s property.

Westgate Ave/Ohio Ave        6-5-17 10:00 P.M & 6-6-17 7:15 A.M

Unknown suspect used an object to smash the victim’s vehicle window.  Once inside the vehicle the suspect removed property and fled the location.

1200 S. Barrington Ave        6-6-17 5:00 P.M & 6-7-17 11:00 P.M

Suspect entered the victim’s vehicle, no sign of forced entry.  I victim believes the vehicle was secured.  The suspect removed property from the vehicle and left the location in an unknown direction.


11700 Wilshire Bl.        6-9-17 10:00 A.M

The suspect contacted the victim via the computer and convinced the victim to buy gift cards in exchange for computer services.  The victim was supposed to receive a service that would remove a computer service.

UCLA Vocal Jazz Ensemble at Felicia Mahood Center

"Join us as we begin to reinvigorate the West LA and Felicia Mahood with uplifting sound and song with the UCLA School of Music’s Vocal Jazz Quartet."

The UCLA Gluck Vocal Jazz Quartet was founded with the intention of providing a larger variety of non-classical vocal groups to the Los Angeles community and to showcase the diverse talents of the School of Music’s vocal students. Each performer was selected due to their affinity and love not just for classical repertoire, but also for Musical Theater, R&B, Jazz, and Standards repertory. The quartet is looking forward to getting its first year started and to inspire the Los Angeles community with its talents!

Crime Update from LAPD WLA SLO James Lavenson

This was a good week as far as crime is concerned.  We had a drive by shooting last Tuesday at 12:30 in the afternoon.  This was a gang related shooting but it did not involve our local gang.  There were approximately eight rounds fired, we were lucky that nobody was injured.  We were able to gather various forms of evidence and are working on some leads.   



1900 Stoner Ave.                                  5-29-17 3:50 A.M & 4:40 A.M                                             

The suspect walked down the victim’s driveway and used bolt cutters to cut the lock and remove the bicycle.  The suspect fled the location in an unknown direction


11700 Missouri Ave.                          5-26-17 8:00 A.M & 5-27-17 8:00 A.M

Unknown suspects used a pry tool to unlock the vehicle.  The suspect entered the vehicle and removed property and fled the location.

11300 Iowa Ave.                                   5-30-17 4:00 P.M & 7:00 P.M

Suspect smashed the victim’s vehicle window and removed property and fled the location.


11500 Nebraska Ave.                         6-1-17 12:30 A.M & 6-1-17 7:30 A.M

The suspect opened the victim’s unlocked vehicle and used the trunk release.  The suspect removed property from the trunk of the vehicle and fled the location.

12000 Santa Monica Bl.                   6-3-17 10:00 P.M & 6-4-17 4:00 A.M

The suspect entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle took property and fled the location in an unknown direction.


Get To Know Your Board - Interview with WLASNC Board Chair Jamie Keeton

Jamie Keeton

Jamie Keeton

What's your professional background?

Jamie Keeton: I'm a civil litigation attorney at a mid-sized firm in El Segundo. I also have a master's degree in Russian.


What's your history with West LA? 

JK: I came to West LA in 2002 to go to grad school at UCLA. I was in Century City for a while, and then came over to the good side of the 405 in about 2004. I fell in love with Sawtelle and basically never left. 


What do you like most about West LA? 

JK: Coming from Phoenix, I really like the walk-ability of West LA, and all the smaller shops and restaurants - it a big change from the strip mall culture of Phoenix.


What would you like to see improved?

JK: I would like to see more attention paid to parks and greening of the streets, and clean and non-broken sidewalks. I'd also like to see some improvement to the affordability of housing, whether that means getting more units, or maybe better rent control ordinances. As I said, I've been in the area for over a decade, but I didn't know anything about the NC until there was a push by some stakeholders to add parking restrictions to the residential area around Sawtelle.


What made you run for a Board seat in the WLASNC?

JK: When I found out that there was an organization that had a direct line to City Council, I became intrigued and got involved.


Development is huge in West LA. What’s your opinion on it all? Specifics are fine too if you’d like. 

JK: I'm not sure how I feel about all the development - I do think that we need more housing, and that frankly, its inevitable. That having been said, I think that its important that we don't just become a concrete jungle - we need to work with developers to get aesthetic diversity in the buildings themselves, and to make sure that the purposes of the buildings suit the community. 


Traffic is also a hot topic in West LA. How do you personally handle it? 

JK: Personally, I don't really drive after I get home from work - I walk to the grocery store and the park, and over to Sawtelle for dinner or boba. If someplace I need to go is within about 1.5 miles, I try to walk it. 


Do you have any suggestions to help mitigate it?

JK: I think that mass transit will help the traffic situation, but it won't stop the problem. Having things that people want/need within walking distance will help too, but I don't think that there is a long term fix to the traffic. I personally think its gotten worse over the last 5-7 years because the housing prices have gotten so out of control that people can no longer afford to live close to where they work.


Do you have any personal interests or hobbies that you’d like to share?

JK: As for hobbies, I do like spending time with my kids (4 year old son and 18 month old daughter); I'm excited for them to get a little older so we can travel more. We go to lots of museums, and to the beach. I'm pretty crafty, so I try to do lots of different crafts with my kids. 


We'll interview each Board Member in no particular order. Stay tuned.

Board Chair Jamie Keeton can be reached at


Multiple Board Seat Vacancies for WLASNC

A great neighborhood is no accident! The system of Neighborhood Councils was created by the City of Los Angeles to give you a voice in issues affecting your neighborhood. The West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council (WLASNC) is your local governmental body serving the area bordered by the 405 freeway to the east, the 10 freeway to the south, the border with Santa Monica to the west, and Wilshire Boulevard to the north. We currently have two (4) openings on our Board of Directors. 





Organizational Representative seat must be from houses of worship, educational Institutions, community services or civic organizations within the WLASNC boundaries.  

The WLANC internal boundaries are as follows: 

A. North East District – Northeast of Nebraska Avenue and Barrington Avenue 

B. North West District – Northwest of Nebraska Avenue and Barrington Avenue 

C. South East District – Southeast of Nebraska Avenue and Barrington Avenue 

D. South West District – Southwest of Nebraska Avenue and Barrington Avenue

For additional information and qualifications for submittal, please refer to the updated WLASNC bylaws, available online HERE. To apply please complete an application found here.

Deadline June 21st to be considered for the following meeting (barring any meeting and timing issues)

Please submit applications via email to WLASNC at

You may also deliver in person to the 1645 Corinth Ave. c/o CD11 Office, Los Angeles, CA 90025