Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM)

All meetings are on hold until further notice. 

Meetings are normally held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:15PM.  Meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and additional important documents for this current fiscal year can be found below.

Committee Members:

Board Committee Member: 

Board Committee Member:  Zana Glisovic -

Board Committee Member: Rosie Kato -

Board Committee Member: Jian Kerendian-

Public committee member:  Don Swiers

Public Committee Member:  Aric Gregson - 

Public Committee Member: Haggai Mazler

PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally, a recurring meeting needs to be rescheduled. A recurring meeting is confirmed when it is listed in the Events section, or when an agenda is published.  If you are interested in viewing information from previous fiscal years please view are archives.

Meetings are held at:
   WLANC Offices
   West L.A. Municipal Building (entrance on the West side of the building)
   1645 Corinth Avenue
   Los Angeles, CA 90025